Your Family

It is important to note that the number of children you currently provide care for will impact the number of additional children that you can provide care to as part of your family day care business.

1. How many children do you care for that are under school age?

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2. How many children of your own do you care for that attend school and are under 13?

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Your Family Day Care Children

3. How many other children do you plan to care for that are under school age?
You can only provide care to a maximum of 4 children under school age.

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4. How many other children do you plan to care for that are school age?
(providing before and/or after school hours care)
The maximum number of children a family day care educator can provide care for (including children under school age) is 7

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Your Hours

5. How many hours do you plan to work per day?

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6. How many days do you plan to work per week?

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7. How many school holiday weeks per year do you want to work?
(in addition to 40 school weeks)

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8. What will your hourly rate be?
(the average hourly fee for family day care is $10.70 per hour)

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Potential Annual Income* ${!! potentialIncome_round !!}


Educator levy: ${!! deductions_educatorLevy_round !!}

$1.50 per hour per child

Software subscriptions: ${!! deductions_softwareSubscriptions_round !!}

$4.70 per week

Potential Annual Salary* ${!! potentialSalary_round !!}

*These figures are before income tax and are based on estimates only. They do not take into consideration business and other potential costs. Before making any financial decisions, we recommend all future family day care educators to see independent financial advice from a qualified professional.